East Imperial Light Tonic Water | Best pairing for Black Robin Rare Gin

East Imperial Light Tonic Water

Superbly crafted, East Imperial's Light Tonic Water has been perfected with the same exacting care as you’d expect from any drink proudly carrying the East Imperial name. With less than 18 calories / 3.75g of sugar per serve, this is a truly refreshing and healthy tonic water.

So here’s to enjoying a refreshing G&T without the guilt of calories, and without compromising on taste.

Perfectly suited for Black Robin Rare Gin.

Tasting Notes:

Packed full of rich citrus oil and aromatics, we call on tropical Manao lime to provide balance alongside a hint of lemongrass and Kaffir lime, delivering a truly fresh and revitalising flavour profile.


  • 4 x 150ml
  • 17.6 calories & 3.75g sugar per bottle

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