When we launched in 2013 we made a pledge to help support our partnered charities that work to protect New Zealand's fragile ecosystem by making a donation with every bottle we sell.

Eastern Whio Link

From October 2022 we have partnered with Eastern Whio Link, who we will be supporting with a $1 donation for every bottle of Blue Duck Vodka we sell, which represents a 100% increase in donation amount.

Established in 2020, the Eastern Whio Link is a hunter and fishermen-led conservation project, located in the upper reaches of the Waioeka Gorge with a goal to protect the remaining population of this nationally vulnerable species.

By aiding in their recovery, they are helping enable a breeding population to establish in the area and disperse into surrounding watersheds.

Forest & Bird

From launch in 2013 to September 2022 we made donations to Forest & Bird of over $60,000 to help them in their tireless work in protecting New Zealand's native species and wild spaces.

Although Forest & Bird didn't have any projects directly linked with either Black Robins or Blue Ducks, our funding enabled them to continue their fight to make sure that NZ's natural habitat future is secure.

We are currently searching for a charity partner that works directly with Black Robin and whilst we do this,
we are saving the $1 for every bottle that we sell of Black Robin Gin ready to donate as soon as we secure the appropriate charity partner.