When it comes to matters of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, honesty is always the best policy. We can’t say that we are certified CarboNZero, or that we adopt triple bottom line accounting practices. We can say that since the very beginning we’ve been committed to the well being of the environment.

In a business such as ours, we are deeply connected with the environment through the ingredients we use and our all important water supply. One of the many advantages of being in a beautiful corner of New Zealand is that we sit above our very own deep spring water supply. So quite apart from the common sense or ethics arguments, we would be commercially foolish to neglect our environment.

Around the office, wherever possible we reduce the use of resources and consumables. All paper is recycled and re-used where possible. Water and power usage is of course kept to a minimum.


By the way, if you ever wondered what happens to all the ingredient waste ("wash" - what comes out of the still) from distilling, then in our case it goes to the farmer next door, who feeds it to his grateful cattle. It’s an extremely nutritious food source for them, and an example of just one way in which waste can be minimized. The cows have only got tipsy the one time....


Our goal has always been to be the best we can be; more as a mindset than a goal post, we never stop learning, experimenting or improving so that we better ourselves and the community and environment we live in.

Pledge to our customers: NO COMPROMISES - No artificial flavours, no artificial essences, no artificial aromas, no food colouring – only the aromas and flavours of the finest natural ingredients we can find. Where possible herbs and spices are organically certified and grown in New Zealand.

Simply Pure supports the initiatives of the Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC) to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol.