Floral Cocktails by Muir

Bringing the delights of the garden into your cocktail, Lotte Muir's book showcases over 40 ways in which to include edible flowers and blooms into your drinks. From a subtle petal vodka cocktail to a heady honeysuckle syrup, Lottie's flavour complexity will astound you and your guests with her edible flower cocktail recipes.

Recipes include a Gorse Collins with underlying almond and honey notes and a Berried Treasure using elderflower in a twisted French 75.

Floral Cocktails by Lottie Muir would make the best gift idea which you can make even better by adding a bottle of our Black Robin Rare Gin or our Blue Duck Rare Vodka.

About the author;

Lotte Muir combines her love of the garden with her detailed knowledge of mixology in her cocktail books. Known for her creation The Midnight Apothecary, a pop-up cocktail bar set in a London roof garden, her work has been featured in publications including Vogue magazine.



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