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Moscow Mule Copper Mug

If you want to serve the perfect Blue Duck Vodka Moscow Mule Cocktail then you'll need these authentic copper Moscow Mule mugs with a capacity of 580ml.

Handcrafted in stainless steel with a copper plate, these copper Moscow Mule mugs will be chilled to touch as soon as you fill them with your ice cold Moscow Mule cocktail.

These Moscow Mule Copper Mugs make the perfect gift idea. Why not add a bottle or our premium vodka, Blue Duck Rare Vodka or get the ultimate gift experience and opt for the Moscow Mule Gift Set including a bottle of Blue Duck Vodka, 2 x Moscow Mule Copper Mugs.

Diameter: 85mm.
Height: 100mm
Volume: 580ml

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe:

- 50ml Blue Duck Vodka
- 150ml Ginger Beer
- 2 Lime wedges
- Mint sprig

Combine wet ingredients in an ice filled Moscow Mule Copper Mug and stir well. Give the lime wedges a good squeeze before adding. Garnish with a mint sprig. Enjoy.


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