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The Curious Bartender Vol II

The Curious Bartender Vol II: The: New Testament of Cocktails by Tristan Stephenson. 

For his sixth book, best selling author Tristan Stephenson takes you on another journey through 64 cocktails: 32 classic cocktail recipes and 32 reinvented classics.

Teaching you the techniques you need along the way, The Curious Bartender Volume 2 will unlock tastebuds and talents you never knew you had.

About the author;

Having spent 2 years running the bar at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant, Tristan went on to lead the bar at numerous London drinking establishments winning various awards including Imbibe Bar Personality Of The Year 2018.

Now the author of 8 best selling books, Tristan is celebrated as one of the world's leading mixoligists.


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