Eastern Whio Link

We are very excited to announce our new charity partnership with Eastern Whio Link and a increase of 100% in our per bottle donation, which from October 1st rises to $1 per bottle that we sell of Blue Duck Vodka.

Established in 2020, the Eastern Whio Link is a hunter and fishermen-led conservation project, located in the upper reaches of the Waioeka Gorge with a goal to protect the Blue Duck (whio).

Having clocked up more than 23,000 volunteer hours since launch, the Eastern Whio Link work tirelessly to help the survival of whio, New Zealand's only endemic mountain duck and one of only three true riverine duck species in the world.

Eastern Whio Link was established to protect the remaining population of this nationally vulnerable species. By aiding in their recovery, they are helping enable a breeding population to establish in the area and disperse into surrounding watersheds.

For more information please visit; www.easternwhiolink.co.nz

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