The one way to get home cocktail perfection is to measure your cocktail ingredients with precision using a spirits measure known as a jigger. Our collection of cocktail jiggers will allow your to measure your spirits pour exactly as your cocktail recipe requires. Browse our collection of the best jiggers for cocktails here.
Multilevel Jigger | Stainless Steel | NZ
Multilevel Jigger Copper | NZ
Multi Level Jigger Black Chrome | NZ
Japanese Jigger 30ml 60ml Stainless Steel | NZ
Copper Jigger 30ml / 60ml
Black Chrome Cocktail Jigger 30ml 60ml Japanese | NZ
Japanese Jigger 15ml 30ml Stainless Steel | NZ
Jigger 15ml / 30ml Copper
Black Chrome Jigger 15ml 30ml | NZ
Blue Duck Rare Vodka Copper Barware Gift Set | Simply Pure | NZ
Blue Duck Vodka Barware Gift Set | Simply Pure | NZ
Black Robin Gin Copper Barware Gift Set | Simply Pure | NZ