Moscow Mule

Blue Duck Vodka Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

An easy to make vodka cocktail, the Moscow Mule is a classic buck cocktail (spirit, ginger beer or ale and citrus) served in a copper plated mug.

Though up for discussion, the current thinking on its creation lies with Wes Price, head bartender at the Cock 'n Bull Restaurant who's owner, Jack Morgan, had launched a range of ginger beer.

Wes needed to clear his cellar that was full of the ginger beer and bottles of Smirnoff Vodka that wasn't selling and was encouraged to use a copper mug by Jack Morgan's girlfriend who had inherited a copper factory that made the underselling mugs.

Wes served one of his Vodka Mules to the Oscar winning actor Broderick Crawford after which the Moscow Mule's popularity soared with many a twist found on cocktail lists around the world.


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