Clover Club

Black Robin Gin Clover Club Cocktail Recipe

Clover Club Recipe

A classic cocktail recipe whose origins are up for much discussion, the Clover Club cocktail was first created in the 1880's but didn't reach publication until being featured in Paul E. Lowe's 1909 Drinks, how to serve them.

Named after the gentleman's club in Philadelphia that catered to the American elite, it quickly became THE drink to raise a toast with.

Although a firm favourite and to be found on most cocktail lists around the world, the Clover Club fell out of favour in the 1930's with Esquire magazine relgating it to the ladies section after stating it was a drink for 'pansies'.

A sweet and silky blend of raspberry, gin and citrus with a creamy texture, the Clover Club cocktail recipe is easy to follow and one of the best cocktail recipes to make at home.



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